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??? Chinese Medicine is a treasure in traditional Chinese culture. With the increasing applications of modern science and technology in the study of Chinese Medicine,its scientific meaning and unique medical values are more and more recognized and accepted worldwide, and it is becoming an important part of the modern medical system. Our country supports the development of Chinese Medicine in Macao and listed it into the 12th Five-Year Plan; moreover, the only state key laboratory in the field of Chinese Medicine, the Stake Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine, was set up in Macau. Therefore, Macau coincides with the best opportunity for the development of Chinese Medicine. The Macau SAR government plans to develop Chinese Medicine as one of the four advantage areas that appropriately diversifying its economy; furthermore, in cooperation with Guangdong Provincial government, Guangdong-Macau Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Industrial Park was set up in Hengqin, Zhuhai; thus it provide good environment and conditions for the leapfrog development of the Faculty of Chinese Medicine.

????Since the foundation of Macau University of Science and Technology, Chinese Medicine has been listed as one of its key development area. Faculty of Chinese Medicine was set up in the year 2000, and the bachelor’s degree programme in Chinese Medicine was offered at the same time; then a complete degree programme system of Chinese Medicine was set up, this laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Chinese Medicine in Macau. In early 2011, the university became the support institution of State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine, and this pours strong power for the development of the faculty. In recent years, the number of teachers multiplied, a number of well-known experts and young scholars who have reasonable knowledge structure and rich experience in teaching and research joined us, and this provides good teaching resources for cultivating talents. Teachers and researchers from the faculty and state key laboratory share high-end research facilities, and this dramatically elevated the research condition and level.

????Chinese Medicine is a traditional medical system which has a unique medical theory and treatment methods, thus learning, researching and developing Chinese Medicine should comply with its inherent law. To understand and master profound knowledge of Chinese Medicine, the student must heritage old saying, integrate past and present, think frequently, and be modest and eager to learn. The curriculum arrangements and teaching contents focuses on consolidating Chinese Medicine theory, and combines with a certain proportion of Western medical knowledge at the same time; lays emphasis on the integration of theory with practice, encourages students to participate in clinical practice in an early, multiple, and repetitious way;pays great attention on the training of clinical thinking, syndrome differentiation, and practice ability. In the research area, the faculty holds the idea that study of Chinese Medicine should insist culture heritage and promote innovation meanwhile, and lay equal stress on both basic and clinical research.

? Macau integrates eastern and western culture, backs motherland, faces the world, and has a solid mass basis for traditional Chinese Medicine;therefore, Macau is an ideal place for integrating international experience to develop Chinese Medicine. To this end, the faculty will cherishall advantages, try to form our own characteristics and advantages, promote the development of the faculty to be a high level teaching and research base for Chinese Medicine, and become a window of the Chinese Medicine to the world.

????Welcome to our website, and welcome to Faculty of Chinese Medicine!

Chair Professor Liang Liu

Dean of Faculty of Chinese Medicine (Concurrent)

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