Career Consulting Services

Intake & Assessment

Collaboratively analyze an individual's abilities, skills, motivations and interests to support their readiness for employment and establish a framework for their employment search.

Job Seeking Skills Training

Help explore needed job skills for career of interest, and if needed, identify placements for skill development and enhancement. For example, we may help a client acquire apprenticeships and/or vocational training.

Job Development

Assist clients build a career plan relating to his/her existing skill sets. For example, assist a person with skill and interest in cooking develop plan to become a chef/cook.

Job Placement

After the above procedures are provided (assessments, job skills analysis, and job development are completed) and the client is hired, we will consult the new hired employee to build understanding of the job requirements and job expectations.

Job Coaching

Provide consultation services to individuals who are already employed and needing further consultative assistance. For example, a career consultant may conduct an on-job site evaluation for any needed accommodations or support. This can enhance work performance and support job retention.

Educational Consulting Services

ASL Training

Because most job sites may not have experience communicating with individuals in manually ways, we would provide educational training on how to communicate manually with employees at different job sites. This would increase job market opportunities for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deafblind employees, and make trained employers more marketable for diverse populations.

Cultural Sensitivities of Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing/Deafblind

In many work settings, there may be clear cultural differences between Deaf employees and their coworkers and employers. We are available to provide cultural competency training, such as a Deaf individual's gestural and facial expressions, and other Deaf cultural norms. This will eliminate barriers between Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing/Deafblind individuals and their employers. Also, this consult can help prevent future cultural misunderstandings and support the retention of current and future employees.