Choosing JM Davis Consulting Group

·      We aim to provide best quality of consultative services to all our clients with disabilities.

·      We provide personalized consultation services, which uses specialized tools and resources in order to promote equality and personal satisfaction for individuals with disabilities.

·      We seek to establish business relationships with organizations, agencies, and businesses that are focused on serving individuals with disabilities.

·      We promote opportunities for establishing relationships and are devoted to supporting the betterment of our clients.

·      We are dedicated and highly skilled with creative ideas to build strategies, which create opportunities along with tools and resources. We value the diverse population who deserve to have an active voice in creating choices and establish relationships that lead to great opportunities.

JM Davis Consulting Group has a number of programs and services designed and created by the consultants to provide each individual with support in securing and retaining a career of their choice, receiving consulting for a new career that leads to a successful employment as goals are accomplished.

The team emphasizes in supported employment as an important service that provides, not only job search and placement assistance, on-going support services in a competitive work-force to our individuals.

We ensure a job that fits to each person’s interests and goals. Here are the career lists:

·      Federal Government Jobs

·      Private Employer Jobs

·      Non-profit Jobs

·      Non-governmental Organization Jobs

·      Educational Jobs

·      Information Technology Jobs

·      Marketing and Communication Jobs

·      Business Administrative Jobs

·      Automobile-related Jobs

·      Janitorial Jobs

·      Building Maintenance Jobs

·      Retail Jobs

·      Grocery Jobs

·      Industrial Jobs

·      Transportation Jobs

·      Sales Jobs

·      Real Estate Jobs

·      Travel and Tourism Jobs

·      Hospitality Jobs

·      Medical Jobs

·      And much more!


Our Career Consultants are expert in employment planning, employment supports, and job development to you. Our program is not limited to clients who communicate via American Sign Language and variety of communication channels.